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(English) 7th International Photobiennale 2014.

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VII Международная Ташкентская Фотобиеннале --

Academy of Arts of Uzbekistanis pleased to invite you at the 7th International Photobiennale 2014. Our event to be held from 6 to 14 October 2014 in Tashkent and Bukhara.

Uzbekistanis the fastest growing cultural center in the Central Asian region. This is achieved by organizing several international forums, festivals, biennials of contemporary art and international competitions in various genres of art.

The main exhibition project of this Biennale is: “The parallels. Illusion and Reality”. Well-known photographers, museums, curators and galleries from around the world, working in different genres and directions are invited to participate in the Photobiennale, leading the search for new forms of artistic expression.  During the Biennale will be held an international photo contest “Territory of childhood”, as well as of creative discussions, master classes.

Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan would be very interested to organize an exhibition with a sample of your works at the Tashkent International Biennale, and to propose you participate in this forum of Arts. Biennale Organizing Committee will be in charge of the costs of your local transportation, accommodation and meals during your stay.

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 100047, STR. S.Azimov, 20, tupik-3,   tel/fax: 871-232-03-60,

e-mail: vkartfact@gmail.com

The 7 th Tashkent International Photobiennale
Exhibition theme:  «The parallels. Illusion and Reality»

Theme of the international contest: “Territory of childhood”

Organized by:
Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
40, Sh.Rashidova, 100029, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (99871) 2565047
Working languages: Uzbek, Russian, English.
Deadline:  August 15, 2014

Arrivals of foreign participants: 3 -6 October 2014

Dates: 6 — 14 October 2014

Exhibition opening: October 6, 2014 at the Central Exhibition Hall.

Departure of foreign participants: October 14, 2014

Exhibition places and time: Tashkent andBukhara, 6 — 14 October 2014

Tashkent:  Central Exhibition Hall ,Tashkent House of Photography ,Youth Creativity Palace, Art Gallery of Uzbekistan,  International Caravanserai of Culture.  Bukhara.

Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan invites photographers working in various genres and styles, as well as representatives of photographic societies, museums, curators and galleries to participate in the 7th International Biennale of Tashkent.

Authors whose works will be selected to participate will receive a «Certificate of Participation (with part-time participation certificate will be sent). For the winners of the Biennale established awards: prizes in competition categories. The jury will include domestic and foreign experts in the field of photography.
For foreign guests Biennale organized trip in Bukhara.

Biennale exhibition theme: «Parallels. Illusion and reality. «

 We have been living in the twenty-first century — the era of unprecedented speeds and new   technology, in the world of humanitarian transformation. It is also called the century of the information society. This means that the expansion of horizons, replenishment, knowledge, mastery of related professions will be a model of behavior for future generations. Subject Salaries will allow reviewers to reflect their understanding of the eternal cycle of life and all the changes in the universe. Social and domestic life is rapidly changing needs becoming more pro ¬ process of constant technological progress makes the world to be born and die faster.

Theme of the international contest: “Territory of childhood”

In honor of the year of a healthy generation, announced inUzbekistanin 2014. The theme allows us to represent the harmony between man and nature through the world of childhood.


«Best curatorial project.»
«Best Art Photography»
«Best Experimental Photography».
“Best Documentary photography.»

Photos are accepted in two formats:
1) prints on paper (black and white and color), size 30×40 or 30h45sm.
2) In the digital version — files recorded on CD or DVD-ROM or transmitted over the Internet (300 dpi, size — 4,500 pixels on the longest side).

To participate in the Biennale accepted work: as a single photo and photo series (up to 10 jobs in one series) corresponding to the theme of the Biennale, and the combined visual and semantic content. Year of creation is not limited to photographs. Maximum number of works submitted by one author on the same topic — 5. A series of photos is considered as one work. It is also considered curatorial projects. The jury reserves, the right to shorten the series, if the individual photos will not match the level of the series.

If you are sending work please send high resolution files — 300 dpi, size — 4500 pixels on the long side.

Foreign participants can take part in the Biennale private. The participant pays the flight toTashkentand back, other expenses: hotel accommodation from 6 to 14 October 2014, meals, excursions and day trips in the city of Bukhara- taken by the organizers. Wanting to come to the Biennale, please send a copy of your passport by mail.

Work and the application should be sent to participants before the deadline:
Tashkent House of Photography
4 Istiqlol, 100047, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel. / Fax (99871) 233 — 51 — 68

Gallery of Art and Fact

20, str. Sadik Azimov third impasse, 100047, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel. / Fax: (99871) 232-03-60 e-mail: vkartfact@gmail.com

(For prints and a CD or DVD-ROM) (The parcel must be filled out entry form enclosed)
E-mail address to send photos (for non-resident and foreign participants): vkartfact@gmail.com (Application form can be downloaded in the format «Word» in the Web-site: www.art-academy.uz.  Or   www.art-and-fact.com)

The organizing committee reserves the right to publish submitted work within the activities related to the exhibition.
The organizers and sponsors reserve the right to use the works selected for participation in the exhibition for publication with the preservation of copyright participants. The organizing committee is not responsible for damage or loss during transport images .

The organizing committee is not liable for damage or loss of pictures during transportation.

Information about the Biennale:
Tel. / Fax: (99871) 233 — 51 — 68, 232-03-60, 256 -51 — 46
E-mail: vkartfact@gmail.com

Entry form of the participant of the 7th International Tashkent Photobiennale

(October, 6th — 14th, 2014)

Анкета участника VII-й Ташкентской Международной Фотобиеннале

(6 — 14 октября 2014 г.)

A.  Participant’s data Сведения об участнике

 Name Имя


 Address, postal code and city Адрес, почтовый код и город


 Date of birth

Год рождения

Web site

B.  Photo organization’s data Сведения о фотографической организации

Номи Name Название
Address, postal code and city Адрес, ппочтовый код и город


Web site


С.  Information abourt works by the theme “Teritorry of childhood”

Информация о работах  на тему «Территория детства»

Theme: “Teritorry of childhood”

Тема: «Территория детства»


Цветная фотография







Черно-белая  фотография






The participant’s signature confirms that all the presented photos are their own, and also that the aforementioned data are authentic and that he/she accepts the terms and regulations of the Photobienniale.

Подпись участника подтверждает, что все представленные фотографии являются его собственными, а также что вышеупомянутые данные подлинны и что он/она принимает условия  Фотобиеннале.

__________________                                                                           ____________

Signature                                                                                             Date

Подпись                                                                                              Дата