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International Biennale to be held in Tashkent

On December 15-20 this year, in the exhibition halls of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, together with a number of ministries and departments, will be held the  VIII International Biennale of Children’s Drawing “The Joys of Tashkent”

The concept of the VIII International Children’s Drawings Biennale “Joy of Tashkent”.

Organizers: Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, International non-governmental charity fund “Soglom avlod uchun”, relevant ministries and departments.

Venue: Tashkent, Central Exhibition Hall

Time of the event: December 15-20, 2020

The main themes of the Biennale: “The world of childhood”, “My motherland”, “The world in which I live”, “My dream”, “Uzbekistan, which I know.”

 The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.PD-3219 “On additional measures to develop and further improve the activities of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan” dated August 16, 2017 states the implementation of measures related to the creation of high-quality works of art that glorify artists in the field of fine and applied art and design, popularization and development of children’s creativity.

 International Children’s Drawings Biennale “Joy of Tashkent” has been held every two years since 2004. The main goal of this international biennale is to unite children of different nations under a single idea, to reveal their inner world through the fine arts, to establish a dialogue between them, and also to involve not only foreign countries, but also international organizations in the children’s art of the world. The fact that the number of countries participating in the Biennale is growing every year shows the importance of this competition in the lives of children.

At the VIII International Children’s Drawings Biennale  “Joy of Tashkent” works of creative children from 5 to 15 years old are divided into 3 groups and evaluated: from 5 to 7 years old, from 8 to 12 years old and from 13 to 15 years old. It is expected that young participants from all over the world will take part at the International Biennale with their creative works.

All events of the Biennale will be widely covered by the mass media.


 I. General Provisions

International Children’s Drawings Biennale has been held with aim to support of children’s art, and promote mutual understanding and international communication of Uzbek children with their peers from around the world, discovering new talents, creating additional conditions for improving the skills of young art fans as well as for the development of the intellectual level of children of preschool and school age, increasing their interest in national and world history and culture, an expanding ideas about them.

5 – 15 years old preschool, school age children including, pupils of specialized boarding schools for children with disabilities and orphanages are eligible to participate in Biennale.

No work can be returned to the applicant. All rights to entry pictures will belong to the host organization. In some cases, children’s artworks can be used for activities and events promoting children’s art education and international exchange etc.

Biennale has an emblem which be used in printings, souvenir production, at different events according to the country legislation.

There is no entry fee.

A Special Board of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan carries out general coordination activity of various departments and organizations involved in organizing International Children’s Pictures Biennale.

The organization of International Biennale consists 3 stages:

1st stage – sending promotional materials to domestic and foreign organizations and agencies concerned.

2nd stage – delivery of works and their sorting.

3rd stage – organizing Biennale, summing up the results, the determination of the winners, issuing Biennale catalogue.

  1. Jury

A special jury consisting of the well-known artists, art critics and experts in the field of children’s creativity, teachers of art schools, foreign citizens and intellectuals, summarizes the results of contest.

III. Prizes

The highest award of Biennale is Grand-Prix will be awarded to one participant with the diploma.

The reward is:

Gold Medal with Diploma                                                                  – 7

Silver Medal with Diploma                                                                  – 7 

Bronze Medal with Diploma                                                                – 7

Commemorative medals                                                                       – 50

All participants of International Children’s Pictures Biennale will be received certificates of the VIII International Children’s Drawings Biennale “Joy of Tashkent”.

The various state and non-governmental organizations, representative offices of the international organizations found incentive prizes and awards on nominations «For the best reflection of theme», «For professional skill», «For creative imagination» and other.

Educational institutions, art circles that students who have won the greatest number of prizes will be awarded with Special diplomas as well.

All entries will be judged by the Organizing Committee with the help of jury. The Judges’ decision will be final.

Results will be announced in December 2020. The winners will be informed individually by post.

  1. Requirement for participation

Theme:  The World of childhood», «My Motherland», «The World in which I live», «My dream», «Uzbekistan that I know»

There is no entry fee.


  • Sizes: Must be 30×40 cm.
  • Each entry should be certified by the parent/guardian/teacher as the original, unaided work done during 2020.
  • Materials: Participants can use any materials. Computer printouts, linocuts, batiks will not be accepted.
  • Entry should be an individual effort, unaided and NOT a combined work.
  • One child can send one original picture that has not been shown to public.
  • Drawings should not be mounted/famed.
  • No entry will be returned. The copyright of all entries will rest with International Children’s Picture Biennale.
  • All packages must be prepaid/adequately stamped and mailed directly to the Organizing Committee of Biennale.


Please cut the Application Form, completely fill and enclose it with the pictures.

Eligible Participant

5-15 years old.

Application Period

November 1st– December 10, 2020 (child work must reach the Organizing Committee in Uzbekistan by this date)

Additional information

Please make certain of filling the application form completely in block letters. The lack of information may cause troubles such as misreading of a name and title or return of the prize for the award winner as undeliverable.

Entries sent by air cargo or/and by “cash on delivery” will NOT be accepted.

Contact information

International Children’s Picture Biennale Office

37 “A”, Yusuf Hos Hojib str., Tashkent 100037, Republic of Uzbekistan

TEL: +998-71-2527473

FAX: +998-71-2527473

e-mail: d.khudoyberganova@mail.ru


Web site: www.art-academy.uz

The VIII International Children’s Drawings Biennale “Joy of Tashkent”

Application Form

Should be filled by a child. Please fill the form completely in block letters and attach it to the upper left corner of the backside of your picture







Sex (M/F):

Date of Birth (M/D/Y):


Country of Domicile:


Title of your picture:




e-mail address:


 The VIII International Children’s Drawings Biennale “Joy of Tashkent”

Application Form

Should be filled by organization. Please fill the form completely in block letters and attach it to the upper left corner of the backside of your picture


Name of Organization:



Representative of Organization:


Country of Domicile:

Number of sending pictures:




E-mail address:



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